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Welcome to the day 9 of #KeepCalmBritHop , if you've just stumbled into this and have no idea what I'm going on about, do checkout Jo from The Crafty Nomad on this link and she will explain all!!!

So lets get this show on the road, I'm Fiona and I run Pins and Needles in Grayshott, a small fabric and yarn shop, focusing really on quilters, dressmakers, knitters and crocheters. Until these last few weeks, we mainly loved to see everyone face to face, however times are a changing and so my website has had to grow really quickly! Normally anything to techy breaks me into a cold sweat......but I've pulled up my big girl pants and got stuck in, its not as swish as many and I can't get the video I wanted to show you to stay loaded after hours of trying, but I hope you like what I did so far, even if it is a lesson in how not to blog!!

Well Easter will very soon be with us and I was building up to making some re-usable Easter Egg Hunt bags using these lovely fabrics

For these bags you'll need: 2 x pieces of fabrics 10"/25.5cm wide and 11.5"/29cm long, 2 pieces of cord 32"/82.5cm long, thread and large safety pin.

These are fairly simple and can be sewn by hand if no machine is available.

  1. Take your 2 pieces of fabric, face to face and from the top,stitch down one side 2"/5cm stop, then leave a gap of 1.5cm or 5/8", start stitching again and go down one side along the bottom and up the other, stop 6.5cm or 2 5/8" from the top, leave a 5/8"/1.5cm gap and then continue stitching until you finish.
  2. Still inside out, take the bottom seam to meet the side seam and measure 2"/5cm, then stitch across the corner. Cut away the excess and repeat on the other side.
  3. Turn the bag so it is right side out, the press the top raw edge down 1/2" or 3/4cm towards the inside then turn the bag over 1.5"or 3cm, then stitch along the edge to make a tunnel for your cord.
  4. After that all you need to do is thread the cord through the gaps you left in the seam, using the safety pin and knot, just make sure you thread one cord on one side and one on the other.




If you would like some more detailed instructions just email and I'll send you an instruction sheet, coz this is where one of the videos should have been......

I've also got these super cute pom pom kits in, non chocolate gifts or maybe just something to keep people upper age limit!! Only £1.75 each. Picture of the chick, but I've got Bee's, Sheep, Flamingo's and of course Panda's. Click on the picture and hopefully it should take you through to the shop, if not you can find them under notions in the shop.

Pom Pom Kit

I brought a small piece of the shop home with me as I was mentally struggling with the speed of all the changes in the last few weeks, but this now makes me happy and also gives me hours of enjoyment playing with fabric combinations for quilts, especially these cotton gauzes that make a so soft quilt, perfect to snuggle up in.

Lastly don't forget to take a look at all the lovely hoppers! They are way more tech savvy than me and have loads of proper tutorials for you.xx

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